Aptis Advanced Speaking Task 3 – Presentation


En este artículo hablaremos sobre la tercera y última parte del Speaking Component en la que debes hacer una presentación basada en un tema dado. Debes tomar en cuenta las ventajas y desventajas que te dan sobre el tema. Tienes que hacer esta presentación en 1 minuto y medio, pero te dan 1 minuto para preparar. Al terminar, tendrás que responder una pregunta de opinión en 45 segundos. A continuación, encontrarás técnicas de examen y un ejemplo completo de esta tarea con un modelo de respuesta escrito.


Learn more about speaking task 3 of the Aptis Advanced speaking examination. Read on for guidelines on how to make a successful topic presentation and for advice on how to improve your speaking skills to ace this task in the examination.


Aptis Advanced Speaking component task 3

The third component of the speaking test of the Aptis Advanced examination is the topic presentation. You will receive a task that includes the topic of your presentation and two lists of arguments in favour and against a view on the topic.

You have to present 2 points from each list and you will be given 1 minute to read the task and prepare your presentation and arguments. In the test, you will receive a piece of paper on which you can make notes. At the end of your presentation, you will be asked a follow-up question to which you need to respond. Your presentation needs to be 1 minute 30 seconds long.

It is important that you do not talk about all the points mentioned in the list, as you are asked to present only 2 arguments from each side. The points you are given are purposely written in keywords rather than full sentences, so make sure to add any necessary subjects, prepositions, and pronouns to make coherent sentences.

You should develop each point a little, but keep in mind that you are not asked to give your personal opinion or point of view on the topic you present.


Here is an example of the task you will receive in the Aptis Advanced speaking test:


“All children should wear school uniforms”


In favour:


–          Everyone the same

–          Lack of individuality

–          Increase focus

–          Expensive

–          Break class barriers

–          Can be sexist



There are strategic steps, which can help you to successfully complete this part of the Aptis Advanced speaking test.

To begin with, start off your presentation with an opening phrase to introduce your topic. Then, present your first argument in favour of the topic you are debating. Mention the point you are given in the list and expand it in your own words.

In this case, you could say that firstly, it can be argued that school uniforms ensure that everyone is dressed the same way at school, which can decrease bullying and exclusion among children.

Next, you would bring in an argument against the topic you are debating. It is preferable to alternate between arguments for and against the topic you are talking about, as this allows you to use high-level expressions and conjunctions that express contrast, such as “Although”, “Nevertheless” and “However”.

For the task above, your second argument could state for example that on the other hand, school uniforms lead to a lack of individuality and prevent the children from truly expressing themselves, which can eventually pose a problem to their personal development.

Your third argument will again be a point in favour of, in this case, school uniforms. Mention for example that school uniforms have the potential to break class barriers because they hinder the display of wealth, which means that the children won’t be affected by visual class markers.

Subsequently, your last argument will once more present a point against the subject you are debating. Here you could say that school uniforms may be considered sexist, as in many cases, they require girls to wear traditionally feminine garments, such as skirts and boys to wear pants or suits.

This will furthermore present an extra challenge to students who may be unsure of their place on the gender spectrum as gender presentation is limited by school uniforms.

Finally, finish of your presentation by shortly summarising the points you made in your presentation. Mention the four arguments you have presented, but just in a few words, and make sure not to repeat everything you have already said again.

Keep in mind that you have approximately 15 seconds speaking time per argument, so it is very important that you are concise and get to your point quickly. There will be a timer during the test for you to look at, so it is crucial that you keep an eye on the time at all times during this part of the speaking examination.


Here is an example what a complete presentation on the topic of school uniforms for the Aptis Advanced speaking test could look like:


The argument of whether or not children should be obliged to wear school uniforms is a widely disputed one, especially in this day and age, and there are some key points in favour and against that I am going to outline.

To begin with, school uniforms ensure that all the students are dressed the same way. This could prevent bullying and put a stop to social exclusion. Students won’t be able to judge each other based on their clothes, which could lead to less prejudice and redirect the students’ focus more onto inner values.

On the other hand, school uniforms lead to a lack of individuality, as the students are not able to express themselves freely. Young people often use fashion as a means to make a statement and to demonstrate who they are as person. Being obliged to conform to a certain dress code could potentially hinder students in their personal development and obstruct them in their quest for a sense of self and their individual identity.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that school uniforms could potentially break down class barriers between the students and therefore increase the sense of community at school. Children won’t be affected by visual class markers, as the display of wealth or poverty is prevented by the wearing of school uniforms.

All in all, it is clear that school uniforms are a good idea to prevent bullying and class divisions, but they could also lead to a lack of individuality and personal growth, and furthermore hinder gender neutrality and freedom.


It is of high importance that you are clear and concise during your presentation and you must mention all 4 arguments to succeed in this task. In order to score highly during this component of the Aptis Advanced speaking test, it is important to practice this task many times so that you will be able to perform well under time pressure.

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