Aptis Advanced Speaking Task 2 – Answer 3 personal questions

En este artículo hablaremos sobre segunda parte del Speaking Component en la que debes responder 3 preguntas en 2 minutos. Tienes 1 minuto para preparar tus respuestas y tomar notas.

A continuación, encontrarás técnicas de examen, posibles frases y un ejemplo completo de esta tarea con un modelo de respuesta escrito para que sea más fácil entender cómo debes responder.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the second task of the Aptis Advanced speaking examination. Learn how to structure a great answer to the 3 personal questions you will be asked and find out how to ace this task in the speaking test!


During the second part of the Aptis Advanced speaking test, you will be asked about a personal experience of your own. You will be asked to answer 3 different questions but in the form of a mini-presentation.

You will be given 1 minute to prepare your answer. During that time, you should quickly write down any specific expressions or vocabulary that you would like to use in your response. You should attempt to think of some high-level expression and vocabulary items that you know to use in this task.

You need to speak for 2 full minutes to successfully complete this part of the test. It is recommended that you talk for approximately 1 minute about the first question and for 30 seconds about the second and third questions each.

In order to fill the 2 minutes of speaking time required from you in this task, it is important that you structure your response into the form of a small presentation. Your reply should consist of a beginning, middle, and end part, which you link together with connecting words and sentences.

You should practice this task multiple times ahead of the exam with a timer or a stopwatch to make sure you will be able to speak for the required time. You should also make sure you are able to prepare your answer well, even under time pressure, as you will be given only 1 minute for the preparation process.

Before you begin to answer, make sure you understand the questions fully and correctly and watch out for any keywords in the questions that will help you to formulate an appropriate response.

Remember to keep your notes simple and short. Rather than writing down full sentences or even attempting to write down your entire response, focus on noting down keywords and points that you want to mention in your answer or some specific expressions and vocabulary that you want to include in your response.

Don’t try to memorize an answer beforehand, as your response will then most likely end up being off-topic and inappropriate to the question, and your speaking will seem unnatural.



Aptis Advanced Speaking Task 2


Down below, you will find an example task and you can see that each paragraph of the response replies to one of the questions from the task. You can see that the reply was structured like a small presentation in order to make it logical and clear.

In order to give a good response, you should begin by giving a simple answer to the question asked, and then move on to develop your answer by bringing in your own opinions, examples, and reasons that support and relate to your answer.


This task will be graded with regards to the following areas:

1. Task fulfilment


2. Topic relevance3. Grammatical range and accuracy
4. Vocabulary range and accuracy5. Pronunciation6. Fluency and Cohesion


Here is an example of the task you will receive during the second part of the Aptis Advanced Speaking test and an example response to the questions:

1. Tell me about a hobby of yours.

2. Why did you decide to take up this hobby in your free time?

3. Do you think it is important to pursue one or more hobbies in life?


Actually, I pursued music ever since I was a kid and it’s still one of my favourite hobbies today. I went to music school almost every day and it really was like a second home to me.

Back then, I learned to play the violin and the piano and I took music theory classes for many years.

At times, it was really tough and there were moments in which I was tired of exams and didn’t want to practice anymore, but honestly, I would have never been able to just quit.

Being part of the orchestra and the chamber music group was a really enriching experience for me and I loved my time in music school.

These days, I don’t take lessons anymore, but I still love to pick up my instruments. Since I can read music sheets, I can teach myself whatever songs I wish to play, and this has enabled me to explore outside of the classical music that was taught at my school. (1)

Moving on, I took up this hobby for the most part because I have always loved music, and the ability to play an instrument fascinated me. At the same time, I was curious and eager to learn something new.

One day, I went to see a concert with my mother and we were sat right behind the orchestra. When we walked out, I remember telling my mom that I wanted to learn the violin, and that’s really all it took.  (2)

Finally, I do think hobbies are important in life. It’s a way of engaging with your passions and it allows you to figure out what brings you joy and fulfilment.

Not to mention that it’s a lot of fun, it allows you to meet great, new people and engaging with a hobby can also really help you to switch off and get a break from your daily routine.

No matter how big or small a hobby may be I think it can contribute a great deal to our wellbeing and happiness in life. (3)



The most important part of this task in the Aptis Advanced speaking test is that you speak continuously for two minutes and that you give an appropriate reply to each of the three questions in the task. It is crucial that your response remains on topic and holds relevance to the subject you are asked to discuss.

Do not sway from the questions and keep in mind to structure your response coherently to make it as comprehensible and clear as possible.

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