Aptis Advanced Writing Task 3 – The Article

En este artículo hablaremos de la tercera parte del Writing Component de Aptis Advanced, el cual consiste en escribir un artículo tomando en cuenta algunas notas y una tabla con cifras que te dan. En este artículo no solo te damos detalles de cómo afrontar esta parte del examen, sino que además incluimos técnicas y plantillas para que se te haga mucho más fácil. También hemos incluido un ejemplo real de esta parte y su respuesta para que entiendas mejor como debes hacerlo.


Learn more about task 3 of the written component of the Aptis Advanced examination. Read on for an introduction and guidelines on how to write a good article and get some tips and advice to score high in the Aptis Advanced writing test.


Writing the article for the Aptis Advanced examination



The final task of the writing examination for Aptis Advanced is an article for website publication. This article will be on a topic of general interest and you will receive notes and data to base your article on. You should spend approximately 20 minutes on this task in the test and your final article needs to be between 180 and 220 words long.

The article will be graded with regards to four different areas: structure, style, content, and language. You should structure your article into 5 paragraphs, including an opening paragraph and your final conclusion. It is important to write in an engaging manner to make your article interesting, and you should use neutral language, which is neither too formal nor too informal.

The content of your article should be informative and based on the data you receive in the task. Additionally, your writing should contain high-level grammatical structures, expressions, and conjunctions in order to achieve a high score for your language.


Here is an example of the task that you will receive in the writing part of the Aptis Advanced test:


Things you should know is a website that accepts short articles from members of the public on subjects of popular interest. You have been asked to contribute an article on the subject of Universal Basic Income. You have already done some research on the subject in note and diagram form. Use information from your research notes below which would help you write an article that is both informative and interesting. Write between 180 and 220 words.

Your notes:

Notes on Universal Basic Income

–          2017 – 2018 Universal Basic Income trial conducted in Finland with positive results

–          Universal Basic Income is growing in popularity

–          Benefits: potential to decrease unemployment, to improve mental and physical health

–          Drawbacks: Question of justice and equality, question of funding

Results of Finland study:

Group receiving Universal Basic Income


Group without Universal Basic Income

% of participants perceiving their well being as good or very good


% of participants experiencing high or very high levels of stress




Average number of days in employment during the year49.64



To begin with, you have to come up with a title for the article. For the task above, an example of a title would be: Universal Basic Income: The Key to Happiness? Adding a rhetorical question to the title is an effective way of capturing the reader’s attention.

Then, in the first paragraph, you should start with a general introduction to the topic and include the notes which you think are the most relevant to the ideas that you will develop later on. The same rhetorical question used in the title, or a variation of it, can be used to end your introduction. This will help to engage the reader in your article and it will also set the direction of your article as you will go on to answer the question in your following paragraphs.

Your introduction should consist of approximately 3 sentences and leave you with enough word space to develop your ideas in the main body of the article.

In the second paragraph, you should include and analyse the information from the table. It is important to mention changes or trends that the data reveals, as well as the time-frame that the data covers. For the task above, you could state that the Finland study from 2017 to 2018 shows that the recipients of the Universal Basic Income considered their wellbeing better by 9% and their levels of stress lower by 8% than the group who did not receive the Universal Basic Income.

Another important aspect to note would be that the group receiving the Universal Basic Income spent on average more days in employment than the group without Universal Basic Income. Quote the statistics to underline the points you make. The second paragraph should have a length of 3 to 4 sentences.

In the third and fourth paragraphs, you should develop your ideas and logically divide them into two paragraphs. In this case, the third paragraph could be about the impact of the Universal Basic Income on mental and physical wellbeing while the fourth paragraph focuses on the effects of the Universal Basic Income on employment rates. These paragraphs can include your own thoughts, but the main focus should lie on the data and notes you received.

For the task above, you could argue that receiving the Universal Basic Income allows each individual person to cover their fundamental needs by providing basic security and enhanced personal freedom. This contributes to lowering an individual’s stress levels and to increasing their sense of contentment, both of which significantly impact physical and mental health.

In the fourth paragraph, you could argue that being well improves the chances of finding employment while having a sense of financial security increases employment opportunities and the Universal Basic Income also serves as a motivating factor to the person in question. Each of these paragraphs should be approximately 3 sentences long.

Finally, your concluding paragraph should refer back to the rhetorical question you asked in the introduction of your article. This will help to link together your arguments and make your article and writing coherent and structured. The conclusion should give a short answer to your initial question and end with a sentence about what could happen in the future.

Here, you could for example state that ultimately, the Universal Basic Income has proven its positive impacts on individual happiness and if explored further in the future, it could improve unemployment rates and therefore even contribute to creating a happier society as a whole.

Keep in mind that the key to writing a good article in your Aptis Advanced writing test is to carefully plan your content and how you will structure and organise it into an informative and interesting article. You should take at least 5 minutes to create a good plan for your article before you start writing it. Lastly, remember to proofread your article and edit it if necessary.


Example article on Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income: The Key to Happiness?

Over the years, the concept of a Universal Basic Income has become increasingly popular. As a study in Finland has demonstrated, the UBI could improve people’s well-being and employability. Thus, is the UBI really the key to happiness?

A trial period from 2017 to 2018 in Finland produced results in favour of the Universal Basic Income. The study showed that recipients of the UBI considered their wellbeing better by 9% and their levels of stress lower by 8% than the group without UBI, and on average, they also spent more days in employment.

How does the Universal Basic Income lead to more happiness? Receiving an income on a regular basis without any strings attached provides individuals with basic security and personal freedom. Consequently, this leads to decreased stress levels and more contentment, which improves the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual.

Furthermore, being in good health enhances the chances of finding employment while receiving a small income is a motivating factor. The sense of financial security provided by the UBI additionally increases employment opportunities.

Finally, the Universal Basic Income has proven its positive impacts on individual happiness and employability, and if explored further in the future, the UBI could indeed serve as the key to creating a happier society as a whole.

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